The expansion of grocery delivery, both Walmart and Amazon are in the competition process. Today Amazon announced about its grocery delivery services via Whole Foods to the several new markets in New York and Florida, including New York City and Miami. Where Walmart is expanding delivery of grocery in a deal with Postmates, in some areas of California.

Postmates offering their services for Los Angeles and its nearby areas, including Charlotte, Raleigh, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Tucson, L.A. and San Diego. Also, It gives delivery in these seven regions for the Walmart.

After ending relationships with prior grocery delivery partners Uber and Lyft Walmart make a deal with Postmates. That time Walmart announced that uber served its services to four market customers and lyft served in only one (Denver) and no changes notice in it. Walmart has decided that to switch to new delivery provider partner. In 2016 Walmart had stopped taking services by lyft.

Walmart is delivering grocery across 30+ metros with the help of Postmates, Deliv and Doordash instead of running its services in-house and expecting that to be live in 100+ Metros at the end of the year.

Amazon delivering its grocery with Whole Foods to expanding grocery delivery.
Amazon is working with questionable strategy via Prime Now, Amazon customers can order the groceries with whole food. Now Amazon needs to clear the customer confusion by streamlining its grocery delivery operations.

Amazon announced that for some selected area of New York city it will bring whole food delivery and it will start from Brooklyn and Manhattan. And other neighborhoods of New York City will be added through the year.

In April this delivery service of whole food was in only Ten markets which include Denver, Virginia Beach, Dallas, Sacramento, San Diego, Atlanta, Austin, Cincinnati, San Francisco and Las Angles and recently expanded to 24 total markets, with subsequent launches in Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Houston, San Antonio and elsewhere. AmazonFresh is accessible in 20 urban communities around the world, and more than 50 with Prime Now.

In the conclusion, you can see that Amazon via Prime Now/Whole Foods delivery and Walmart via Postmates served some overlap on the market. The customer who lives in those regions, they will get more benefit from the competition between Walmart and Amazon and that is good news for them.