Now In the era of productive business, Mobile Pixels introducing the DUO portable dual-screen laptop which will help the developer, designers to boost their productivity and Multitasking capability.

Duo allows multitasking feature which increases up to 50% work efficiency and productivity. You can attach Duo to the back of any laptop screen and start your work.

It is very easy to use, very lightweight and sleek design which help to carry and work anywhere. The DUO is perfect any kind of mobile work while it could be used in Business work, to complete school assignments, traveling, for pleasure, work from home, you just need Plug and play.
DUO can be attached to any type of laptop with an easy connection of USB, It has perfect size 12.5 inch which best fit on a laptop.

For Better clarity DUO has a 1080p high-resolution display, so everything you see is crisp and clear. Duo’s weight is just 1.5 pounds which is very lightweight and gives more ability to move from one place to another workplace.
DUO provides 180° presentation mode, so its easy to select your best viewing angle for any condition. You can set DUO to all site of a laptop screen while it is the right side, left side or opposite.

This portable dual-screen has been created with very quality materials so the durability of this device is very high.

How you can Use DUO –

1. Place magnetic adhesives on your laptop or computer.
2. Place DUO on Magnetic adhesives.
3. Plug in USB.
4. Slide DUO’s Screen out.
5. To use it both way slide DUO to the opposite side.
6. Rotate the DUO back for presentation mode.

Is that simple!